Technology leadership for your product.

Let's build a fast, performant & scalable product with rock-solid foundations.

I love building things. I loved it when I made my first, crappy client site, and I loved it when I designed systems that will be used by dozens of millions of people globally. Even when I had to stop being hands-on in my day job, I kept building things in my spare time. I want to use that passion and expertise to help you create (or improve) your product and your team.

That's all there is to it. The sole reason I offer this solution is pure, unadulterated passion for creating something a lot of people will use and love. And the expertise to help you make it happen.

  • Quickly ideate & validate
  • Scale without fear or slowdown
  • Build fast without cutting corners
  • Level-up your team's technical skills
  • Improve code quality

What you can expect
when we partner up.

Architecture & Implementation

Architecture design & implementation

A collaborative effort with your team that will result in high quality, easy to change platform. The design covers everything from high-level architecture and data definitions to details of CI/CD setup and code quality standards.


Product roadmap & planning

I work closely with product, business and development on creating a detailed roadmap that's translated into an actionable, prioritized backlog. This way, technology and product are truly integrated, without unhealthy tension.

Training and coaching

Training & workshops

For development, training focuses on improving technology skills and collaboration with the product. For business and product, we work together to create a sustainable process and way of working that minimizes misalignment, even in high growth, fast-changing environments.

Help scaling-up

Scaling up goes far beyond technology. Your processes, way of working, even talent acquisition practices all change rapidly. At the same time, you are still trying to focus on growth and product improvements. I'll help you minimize growing pains by sharing what you should and shouldn't do, based on my own (sometimes painful) experiences.

Let's talk deliverables.

My goal is to help you sustainably and effortlessly grow your business. Our collaboration should always be transparent and structured.

  • Audit
    Architecture design & documentation

    Documentation provides a comprehensive, in-depth overview of how the architecture (including DevOps, code quality & design guidelines, etc.) works and the reasons behind the design and approach.

  • Training and coaching
    Training and coaching

    I tend to work hard to make myself obsolete, so one of the main objectives is to ensure your team is self-sufficient. That's why every engagement includes at least one full day of training.

  • Implementation support
    Implementation support

    Hit and run or "Powerpoint warrior" consulting isn't my style. If necessary, I'm happy to roll up my sleeves and work together with your team to make sure the backlog gets implemented.

  • Support
    Continuous support

    All packages include at least 16 hours of support for up two months after the backlog implementation. That allows for checking in on the progress, clarifying any outstanding issues and making sure everything is staying on track.


Ready to create a great product?