Fix the e-commerce conversion leaks you’re not testing.

The foundation of your e-commerce platform is eating into your profits.

While you're spending money on traffic and CRO, you probably forget the foundation that your site sits on. Slow loading times are killing conversion; responsive design doesn't make your shop mobile-optimized and siloed data means you don't understand your customer or your campaigns.

I make sure that your e-com tech stack aids your quest for higher conversions and more revenue (instead of ruining it).

  • Increase mobile conversions
  • Accurately attribute sales
  • Cut unneeded expenses
  • Unify customer journies
  • Improve time to market

Learn more about what we'll cover.

Web page speed

Loading times

As Deloitte puts it, "milliseconds make millions". How many hundreds of thousands or millions in revenue are you losing every month due to slow loading times?

E-com analytics

Analytics setup

Do your systems speak to each other? Are you blind to campaign performance & customer behaviour? Can you implement multichannel customer journies?

Mobile optimizations

Mobile optimizations

Across the board, mobile conversion rates are still lower than desktop. We'll implement the right changes that make mobile shopping a breeze - from the landing page to the thank you email.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation

Marketers shouldn't need to depend on developers to trigger next best action, build and deploy landing pages or create cross-channel campaigns with smart insights.

Let's talk deliverables.

My goal is to help you sustainably and effortlessly grow your business. Our collaboration should always be transparent and structured.

  • Audit
    Audit document

    The in-depth assessment details everything I've found while evaluating your setup — covers technology, processes and general capabilities. The document also serves as a basis for the backlog creation and prioritization.

  • Backlog
    Prioritised backlog

    Jira, Trello or --insert your favourite tool here-- board with in-depth tickets on how to fix any issues the audit uncovered. Includes the objective, why it's needed and implementation details or suggestions.

  • Training and coaching
    Training and coaching

    I tend to work hard to make myself obsolete, so one of the main objectives is to ensure your team is self-sufficient. That's why every engagement includes at least one full day of training.

  • Implementation support
    Implementation support

    Hit and run or "Powerpoint warrior" consulting isn't my style. If necessary, I'm happy to roll up my sleeves and work together with your team to make sure the backlog gets implemented.

  • Support
    Continuous support

    All packages include at least 16 hours of support for up two months after the backlog implementation. That allows for checking in on the progress, clarifying any outstanding issues and making sure everything is staying on track.


Innovate and grow on top of a rock-solid ecom foundation.